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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Watch out for a step by step tutorial of the sweet gift bag that I demonstrated on Create & Craft recently. This is has been another project that has been requested by viewers and is works in progress. It will appear shortly, so watch this space!!

Friday, 29 June 2012

Here it is!!!

Since appearing on Create & Craft over the weekend 22nd-24th June, many people have been requesting the instructions for the cracker gift box again.
I am pleased to upload it for you now! The instructions will also appear on the Kanban blog and Facebook Page.
Keep an eye on my blog right here I have now designed a new version and also made an alternate version of the original. These will be uploaded very soon, so watch this space!!!

Step One: 
Choose the cardstock of your choice for the cracker.
You need to mark and score with first lines with the card landscape way on as shown above.
A Hougie board is perfect for this project, but if you don't have one, then a ruler and pencil to mark is fine and then score using any scoring board between the marks made. I have used a pen on my instructions, so that you can see the score lines clearly.
 You need to score at measurements 6cm, 12 cm, 18 cm, 24 cm and 25.5 cms
use the 25.5 cm mark as a guide for cutting off the excess card. I have shown the section to be removed on the photo. This will leave a 1.5 cm tab at one end.

Step Two:
Now turn the cardstock so that it is portrait way on.
This time you need to score lines at measurements of 2.5 cm, 4.5 cm, 6.5 cm, 14.5 cm, 16.5 cm & 18.5 cm

Step Three:
If you have a border punch, you can now punch along both longer edges of the cardstock.
If you don't have a punch, you can decorate the edges with peel offs, or adhesive borders once the cracker has been put together.

Step Four:
Using a scoring tool, now crease all scored lines sharply, across one set of scorelines.

Step Five:
Turn the card around and score the other set of scorelines.

Step Six:
Put your cardstock landscape way on again ready to mark your next guidelines.
You need to mark 2cm away from each scoreline, top and bottom and also 2cm from the end of the cardstock, without the tab

Step Seven:
Using the other scorelines as as a cutting guide. Cut diamond shapes from the cardstock as shown above.
Mind your fingers with the craft knife! 
It is best to use a steel edged ruler with your knife as it will help protect your fingers.

Step Eight:
Take note of how the cutouts have been made at the tab end of the cardstock. It is important
to get this right.

Step Nine:
Now you are ready to start putting the cracker together.
On the patterned side of the cardstock, put some strong double sided tape on the tabbed end of the card (including the small tabs where the punched edges are)

Step Ten:
Now stick the tabs under the other end of the cracker to begin forming its shape as shown above.

Step Eleven:
Push the ends of the cracker in so that the score lines form the 'pinched' ends of the cracker.

Step Twelve:
Now tie ribbon, cord or raffia of your choice around the pinched ends of the cracker.
(Don't forget to add a gift or chocolates etc before tying both ends!)

Step Thirteen:
Finally, trim the cracker with flowers, snowflakes or whatever you like to make it look pretty!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Hi everyone,
Well what a week its been!
I was draughted in at the last minute to launch the Pick Of The Week for Kanban on Friday 22nd June and did further shows on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th too!
I had a whale of a time and enjoyed every minute of it and received lots of fabulous feedback from C&C themselves and also the wonderful viewers.
I have no idea when I may be back, but hope that the opportunity arises for me again in the future.
During the time I was there, I demonstrated a Christmas Cracker shaped gift box. We have had so many requests for the instructions of this to be put out, so I am currently working on this for you.
The instructions will go on the Kanban blog and I believe also the Facebook page. I will also be uploading instructions on my own blog and I am also working on some new designs for different versions which will also be uploaded to my own blog.
Watch this space!!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Here is another of my Design Team projects for Kanban.

Products used are as follows:

Gold Mirri Card
Ivory Card
Black Bobble Dots Card
Baroque Cameos PCT 1926
Regency Butterflies - Black PCT 1918

Friday, 8 June 2012

Here are just a few of my cards and demos that I made for Kanban and their
Cool Brittania 4 Day Deal shows on Create & Craft



Sunday, 3 June 2012

Oh Dear,
my poor blog has been neglected!
I really must try and get some new projects uploaded.  Time to start work and get productive I think!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

I just thought that I would quickly pop on here in between jobs and list one of my new Kanban DT entries.
It is a bit of an illusion card (I do of few of these) and I hope that you like it.

Items used to make this card were as follows:

Kanban Shaped Card
Pearl Card
Periwinkle – Lilac (CRD 1910)
Victoriana Embellishments (PCT 1912)
Clear Acetate

A side-ways view

A closer look at the detail.